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Lions of Liberty Podcast Ep. 43: Shayne Wissler on Against Anarchism

July 17 2014

On July 8, 2014 I was interviewed by Marc Clair at Lions Of Liberty:

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome Shayne Wissler back to the show, to discuss the concepts laid out in his essay, “Against Anarchism.” Shayne explains why he believes it’s vital for advocates of individual liberty to work out differences in their philosophy, and describes the contradictions he sees with the anarchist viewpoint. Sha…


December 16 2013

For those who take any interest in history, philosophy, or politics, it is worth noting that by “State”, Plato and Aristotle meant city-state, i.e. a small and politically independent town. They did not mean the megalomanical nation-states that now dominate our planet.

For Plato, the ideal size of a “State” was around 5000 citizens/families[1]. This is a number he picked not because he was provincial, but because it was a number large enough such that the city-s…

Is Misesean praxeology nonsense?

November 14 2013

In this post I will focus on praxeology as seen through its chief defender, Ludwig von Mises.

Even if you have never heard about praxeology, you should care about it, for the simple reason that it has been strongly associated with the ideas of liberty, via Austrian economics and Ron Paul. If praxeology is a good thing, then we should applaud it, but if it is nonsense, then endorsing it sullies our credibility and brings into question just how susceptible we are to s…

‘The State’ as a trigger word for anarchists

May 08 2013

I’ve never been nor will I ever be an anarchist, but I do try to engage with anarchists, for this reason: they profess to be interested in moral consistency. Because of this stated intent, they tend to draw a lot of people who actually are interested in moral consistency. (In this respect they are like the Objectivists, who profess to be advocates of reason.) By throwing up a banner and claiming to be for something can in fact draw …

A basic taxonomy of anarchism

April 13 2013

As a principled advocate of individual liberty, I sometimes get mislabeled an “anarchist”, both by those who are anti-liberty and by those who are for it. This common mislabeling gives me some impetus to identify clearly where I stand, and I wrote an essay on this subject: Against Anarchism: The Case Against Individualist Anarchism.

In this post I’d like to give a brief summary of the different types of anarchist using a somewhat different classification system than the one I used in my essay. As with the …