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A review of Harry Binswanger’s “How We Know: Epistemology on an Objectivist Foundation”

April 17 2014

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There are a number of standards one could use to review a book like this. For example, one might review it in terms of how well it corresponds to or builds on Ayn Rand’s philosophy. But I’ll be reviewing it relative to how well it corresponds to the truth.

The book has obviously taken many years of thought and effort, and it represen…

A review of Leonard Peikoff’s “The DIM Hypothesis”

September 23 2012

Note: This review was initially rejected by Amazon with little explanation but that it violated their guidelines. It was actually not published by them until Dec. 20, 2012 link.

This book has an irrational purpose, which is spelled out in its first sentence: “The purpose of this book is to gain an understanding of our past and on that basis to predict the future.”

A rational man does not predict the future. He crea…