Shayne Wissler
Imagine a world where we figured out the right direction to push, and then we pushed in that right direction…

Corruption 2020

November 05 2020

The gross political corruption we are living through now began with MSM and social media corruption that began in 2016, particularly with the censorship of social media.

We have largely lost independent journalism and commentary in this country, and now we are living through the inexorable darkness that follows, where at least half the country is completely oblivious to blatant and extremely pertinent corruptions regarding the 2020 elections. You can’t have “free and fair elections” when most of the country has fallen prey to active misinformation scams sustained by media monopolies after having cut out the most perceptive citizens, who could have held your little hand and patiently explained them to you.

I will also say “we told you so”, to all those who minimized this risk or defended the “right” of social media companies to break their implicit agreements with users, allegedly since it’s “their own company and they can make whatever rules they want.”