Shayne Wissler
Imagine a world where we figured out the right direction to push, and then we pushed in that right direction…

COVID-19 and Genocidal Maniacs

September 15 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have observed the following genocidal antics coming from our institutions:

  1. Lying about the likelihood of whether the true origin of COVID-19 lies in dangerous and pointless (at best) and arguably illegal gain of function research activities funded by governments, and pretending it doesn’t matter whether we know the answers, thus creating the likelihood that something like this happens again, and again, and again.
  2. Infringement with the practice of rational empiric medicine, the normal process whereby clinical practice discovers new and effective treatments (“off-label treatments”), and replacing it with a top-down authoritarian system that blocks this discovery process.
  3. Mass censorship of treatment paradigms that the regime doesn’t want people to use.
  4. Eradication of the control group in the original vaccine trials, and then systematic attacks on self-selected control groups (the unvaccinated) in society generally. They evidently want to guarantee that there will be no future evidence for the negative effects of the vaccine.
  5. Attacks on the doctor’s prerogative to write prescriptions for treatments the regime doesn’t want people to use, making what would be inexpensive treatments expensive and difficult or impossible for the patient to acquire.
  6. MSM pretending to be experts on deciding controversial matters about what should be a debate between actual medical professionals, imbuing the masses with a childish tinker-toy model of how medicine and science works and whipping them up into a comically stupid and obscene zealous fervor, thus transforming what should be a patient scientific process into the new Salem witch trials.
  7. Applying in the most clownish, stupid, malicious way hypocritically different standards between discovering and evaluating the risks and benefits of treatments proffered by the regime vs. those not proffered by it.
  8. Censoring and shaming both the victims of the regime’s preferred treatment protocols and the beneficiaries of the non-regime sanctioned treatment protocols.
  9. Creating an environment of hate around those who don’t embrace the regime’s treatment protocols, encouraging doctors to not treat them if they fall ill and celebrating when they die.
  10. Purveying fraudulent studies about the alleged benefits of the regime’s treatment protocols and lying about them having gone through traditional approval processes.
  11. Pretending that those who didn’t submit to the regime’s treatment protocol are somehow more likely to transmit COVID-19 to their fellow citizens, with the total absence of any scientific study that actually affirms this. Simultaneously to this, the regime has blocked cheap and efficient means to test at home whether or not you have a COVID-19 infection and thus should stay home.
  12. Mass-firing of people who will not submit to the regime’s treatment protocols.
  13. Forcing people to submit to the regime’s treatment protocols even after having recovered from a COVID-19 infection and thus having a true immunity, and even though the risks of treatment are thus increased.
  14. A total disregard of long-established social norms and laws (such as the Nuremberg Code or the US Constitution), coupled with malicious and juvenile reinterpretations of these past precedents by the MSM, giving the fervent masses the vague impression that such gross disregard is somehow not what it is.
  15. Forcing those who have natural immunity to COVID-19 to get vaccinated, even though studies demonstrate that their immunity is at least 27x more powerful than those who were vaccinated.
  16. The complete collapse of the MSM in reporting any of this.

This is what it must have been like living in Nazi Germany, except that this nightmarish witch hunt is on a global scale.