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Lions of Liberty Podcast Ep. 2: Shayne Wissler

September 26 2013

On September 25, 2013 I was interviewed by Marc Clair at Lions Of Liberty. Marc writes:

The second episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast is up!

In this edition, I speak with Shayne Wissler, the author of “Reason and Liberty” and “For Individual Rights”. We discuss why using reason to achieve a consistent philosophy is important to the advancement of the ideas of liberty.

I feel the ideas discussed in this podcast are very important. It is essential to the advancement of any serious movement that it be grounded in a consistent philosophy. That doesn’t mean that philosophy should not evolve – in fact, it must evolve as new understandings and truths emerge, but they will only emerge if we engage in serious conversation and debate.

We must not just list a series of prescriptions to solve the world’s ills. We must always ask “why?”, and be able to provide that answer to others.

I take some exception with Wissler’s categorization of “scarcity” as “not normal”, but appreciate the way in which he approaches the idea. I come from the Austrian economic point of view that all resources are scarce, save those with superabundance such as air.

I appreciate however the way Shayne approaches the issue – from the optimist viewpoint that liberty can provide anything in abundance once the market if fully unleashed. Man is capable of things we could never dream – who ever thought even 10 years ago a guy like me could just up and make his own radio show and make it instantly available to millions of people around the world?

Today, we see technology creating abundance in areas many claimed were depleted. Remember “peak oil”? Now there is an oil boom thanks to new technologies brought to us by the marketplace.

Overall, Wissler takes a thoughtful, reasoned approach to his views, and this shines through in his book, which I highly recommend. The ebook can be found on and the paperback can be purchased on Amazon. BONUS! Use our links below and you can help our site as well, at no extra cost to you!

(For the record, REASON and LIBERTY is not an economic book; the word “scarcity” appears once, in the introduction and in a fairly non-controversial way. The reason Marc and I were talking about scarcity had more to do with a Facebook discussion than my book. As it happens I have been working on a short blog post regarding this and will be posting it soon.)