Shayne Wissler
Imagine a world where we figured out the right direction to push, and then we pushed in that right direction…

Pants on fire

June 29 2021

So CA is going back to requiring masks indoors and people are upset.

The problem isn’t that someone thinks masks are a good idea indoors, it’s that a tyrant state can make that determination all by itself and coerce private owners to comply, with no accountability to the facts or to the US Constitution. But that kind of tyranny has been here over 100 years. So I’m thinking “Guys, you’ve been putting up with this shit for 100 years, why are your pants on fire now?”

The damage mask mandates is causing is far, far below the damage the regulatory state has caused over these past 100+ years. The milquetoasts didn’t draw the line on censorship in 2016 either; they wait for Brett Weinstein to get censored and THEN they step up. “Alex Jones? Who cares.” But now their pants are on fire as if it’s a novel event.

It’s not that I’m complaining that these milquetoasts are finally pushing back on something for once in their lives. Fine, do that. But do try to wake up to the fact that you’re having a hard time now because you were too stupid and unprincipled to recognize the problem back then.