Shayne Wissler
Imagine a world where we figured out the right direction to push, and then we pushed in that right direction…

On preventing mass murder

October 04 2017

Once we get past the initial shock of yet another mass murder, those of us with an ounce of wisdom cringe at reflecting on what police-state encroachments leftists will push for next. We of course cheer courageous and intelligent people such as Ben Shapiro pushing back against unhinged leftist nonsense, but the question remains: how do we prevent such atrocities?

Short of the type of police state tyranny that would make North Korea blush, there’s no way that the brute power of government can prevent murder. And since mass murder is just a bunch of individual murders, it follows that, in principle, a clever enough person can always find a way of killing a lot of people. Ergo, brutish uses of government such as leftists seek (and as constantly and unthinkingly as a baby’s rooting reflex) cannot prevent mass murder. I won’t iterate the examples here, but there are plenty of cases where mass murderers didn’t use controversial rifles. If you remove one means of killing, the determined killer will just find another. Ergo the folly of control-freak leftism: not only do their police state tactics not fix the problem, they create a new problem to deal with – the police state.

But what sort of remedy would help? There are of course no magical solutions that would permanently guarantee that we’d have no more murders in society, but we can certainly consider how we might dramatically reduce their frequency.

The key is to simply recognize what the cause of murder is: an evil person. So the question becomes: how do we reduce the amount of evil in a society? Naturally, the first prerequisite of a remedy is that we know what it means to be evil, and then the obvious next step is to instill this moral sense into our children, thereby reducing the number of evil people in society.

But we’ve now run squarely into the reason why we have a problem, for our present society is in complete chaos on both of these issues. Not only do our “best” experts not know what evil is, they’d recoil at the idea of systematically teaching a specific moral perspective to children in general. Or at least, they’d recoil at admitting to doing such, for they certainly do teach their own sorts of moral dogmas, and while it is politically incorrect to say so, we can lay some of the blame for mass murder at their feet, for much of what they teach is nonsense.

What we teach children is of course critical to the health of society. To know this, we need only reflect on the history of man, observing the wickedness and brutality of select cultures. Indeed, whenever we see wickedness and brutality running amok in a society, we should start asking ourselves what we are doing wrong in the field of childhood education.