Shayne Wissler
Imagine a world where we figured out the right direction to push, and then we pushed in that right direction…

Typhoid Mary vs. the unvaccinated

September 18 2021

There has been a common argument given by the unwashed masses (or is it the bots?) that the reason why we can coerce the unvaccinated is that they are like Typhoid Mary, and so we have some kind of “right” to restrict their freedoms and thus coerce them into being vaccinated. (I don’t know where our legal profession is. They should be the ones defusing and demolishing these stupid and dangerous arguments.)

But there is this little thing called “probable cause”, i.e. evidence that comes into play. In the case of Typhoid Mary, there was evidence that she was harming others. We therefore had a right to place reasonable restrictions on her. In the case of the unvaccinated in general, there is no evidence. This is most obvious (even to a blundering idiot) in the case of an unvaccinated recovered person, who has a much stronger immunity than does a vaccinated person. But even in the case of a COVID-19 “virgin”, you must have a probable cause for the specific individual you’re seeking to restrict to have any kind of legal case under a rational legal code, and such restriction can only happen when such individual is experiencing an actual COVID-19 infection.

During a pandemic, persons of good faith could argue for non-intrusive checks before entering certain premises, such as a temperature or saliva check. But it’s a very bright line that if you are sticking swabs up people’s noses or otherwise restricting their bodily autonomy or right to earn a living, then you are participating in crimes against humanity.

Fascists argue that a business can require anything it wants from employees. If we had an actually free society, where the unvaccinated were free to create their own societies somewhere else on earth and not be subject to the litany of tyrannical national laws, then that would be one thing. But we do not live in a free society: nobody can go off in the wilderness and found a new free and independent city-state. You were already holding people prisoner to their nation-state by virtue of tyrannical laws. You therefore don’t get to argue that permitting their employers to fire them on arbitrary grounds is somehow justified. And there are no reasonable grounds for firing people for being unvaccinated.