Shayne Wissler
Imagine a world where we figured out the right direction to push, and then we pushed in that right direction…


July 31 2016

No one whose insight is keen can ever be happy with the political candidates that are produced by the contemporary culture, because the candidates at hand are never more than the chaotic emissions of brew consisting of countless corrupted ingredients: the dark manipulations of power-mongers, the morons on parade, the morass of confused journalistic and educational institutions, the babbling gossipy anti-intellectualism of partisans, etc.

Because our sordid culture has no intellectual integrity, the candidates only ever present simplistic and one-sided views of what are complex issues. Principles could be used sort out what is true and right, but as we all know, politicians never appeal to them, for their constituents do not care for principles. So even picking out who is truly the lesser evil of candidates is a dubious affair: what of the unintended consequences of a political agenda that neglects important aspects of an important issue?

Political choices are just a final consequence of a long chain of decisions – what is really important is that those decisions be mediated by a proper and rational standard. Education should be based on the needs of a rational mind; journalism should be based on selecting out what is actually important and reporting with integrity; legal philosophy should be based on proper theories of human rights; babbling pseudo-intellectuals should shut their mouths; partisans should read more philosophy; and on, and on, and on.

In other words, you can’t cure a disease by ignoring its causes, and political candidates are not causes or cures, they are among the last consequences of a long chain of human behaviors, and it is those behaviors you must address if you really want your society to improve.