Shayne Wissler
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Why a principled Independent might vote for Trump in the 2020 Election

June 14 2020

Usually I’m happy to vote third party for President (or not vote at all) just to send a message, but this time around, a “lesser of two evils” approach seems justified. As always, neither party is a party of principle; any real long-term solution to our political problems must be found elsewhere.

Briefly, here are some reasons why a principled Independent might vote for Trump:

  1. Leftist institutions have been making wide-ranging attacks on freedom of speech. Whether it be “cancel culture”, the “adpocalypse”, gross policy shifts on social media and other platforms, or attacks on conservative protesters by ANTIFA, this novel gagging of anyone out of step with the “Party Line” is very dangerous.
  2. The media has become incredibly “fake” since the 2016 election. Almost every outrageous thing they claim about Trump turns out to be false when you check the original source material. Incredibly, many Americans are either falling for this, or they agree with dishonest media tactics so long as they’re being used against Trump. Either way, this doesn’t bode well for our future. Examples abound, here’s a good one by Scott Adams:
  3. Leading Democrats have been utterly calculatedly hypocritical, such as hysterically attacking Trump or Trump appointees for allegations that would apply equally to their own Presidential candidates. Their cynical power-mongering tactics resemble what Lenin himself would have endorsed.
  4. Democrats have been blithely embracing their party’s extremists, undermining property rights and the rule of law, and threatening to radically shift America to the Left.

    (Unfortunately, neither party is the party of Justice – there are indeed substantial insidious attacks on liberty coming from the Right – we do indeed live in a kind of semi-feudal or semi-slave society. But, this sort of problem can only be solved by referring to rationally-justified principles, not the brute irrationalism leftists use.)

  5. As a consequence of the fact that most leftists (with some important exceptions) are dismissive of facts and logic per se, they also have a brazen disregard for due process, such as their creation of the Title IX legislation, which has stripped innocent males of the right to defend themselves against false sexual assault charges.